Ford uses carbon fiber technology in new cars

carbon fiber use in new Ford cars

The Ford Fiesta is extremely efficient and easy to handle.

Carbon fiber use in new Ford cars

Ford has always been innovative and is known for its groundbreaking use of technology, but the latest advancement involved carbon fiber use in new Ford cars. Ford partnered with DowAksa and the U.S. Department of Energy to develop carbon fiber to use in future products so that the weight of future vehicles will decrease and the vehicles will be more efficient, but strength will not be sacrificed. Carbon fibers will be used mostly in the manufacturing stage of vehicles to develop new techniques to increase efficiency, performance and capabilities.

Ford has always been a leader in the mass manufacturing of efficient, capable vehicles that are also affordable and easy to drive.

carbon fiber use in new Ford cars

The 2015 Ford F-150 is a great example of Ford efficiency at its finest.

Carbon fiber has been used for years in aircrafts and racing cars because they provide a lot of power and are extremely strong, but don’t weigh a whole lot. The goal of the partnership, according to Ford executives, is to develop materials that will expand the flexibility of technology so designers and manufacturers can create materials for all types of vehicle across the Ford lineup. The use of carbon fibers will result in a reduction of weight by about 50 percent when compared to steel.

Ford is highly focused on creating lighter vehicles as a part of the company’s sustainability plan to reduce fuel consumption and limit exhaust emissions, which can be seen in the Ford Fiesta and the 2015 Ford F-150, both of which are extremely lightweight compared to other vehicles in their respective segments, and are also more efficient than other vehicles in their respective segments.

Ford and DowAksa are also working together to reduce the amount of energy used to actually make the carbon fibers, as well as develop a recycling process for the fibers.

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