Ford Paints Electric Vehicles

Felicia Day gets body painted to blend into Santa Monica Pier.

Felicia Day gets body painted to blend into Santa Monica Pier.

Ford Works with Felicia Day

Car companies are getting more and more creative when it comes to designing new ways of presenting their vehicles to drivers. There are so many different makes and models of vehicles that it’s important for car companies to differentiate themselves from other brands. This month Ford is making a statement by creating an ad campaign around their fleet of electric vehicles. The videos show how beautiful the environment can be and how important it is to make environmentally conscious decisions. Ford works with Felicia Day in these new ads for Ford’s electric/hybrid vehicles.

This is the Ford Fusion Engeri before the paint.

This is the Ford Fusion Engeri before the paint.

The concept of the ads was to paint Ford electric vehicles alongside celebrities who support the campaign. It is a way of saying that the cars can exist without effecting the environment in a negative way. They can coexist in the same space. One of the celebrities chosen for a video was popular actress, YouTube personality and activist, Felicia Day. She was painted on Santa Monica Pier to blend in with a 2014 Ford Fusion Energi.

Jason Mraz also participating in this fun Ford campaign.

Jason Mraz also participated in this fun Ford campaign.

The visual artist/body painter in charge of all the painting for the videos, was Trina Merry. It took five hours to paint Felicia and two days to paint the car. The photo (as seen above) turned out really well. This campaign is a great way to show how electric technology can benefit the environment. Two other celebrities involved were singer, Jason Mraz and environmental activist, Rainbeau Mars.

Here at Sanders Ford, we are excited to see Ford display their electric vehicle options in such a fun and interesting way. The pictures are definitely eye catching and thought provoking. If you are considering buying a hybrid or electric vehicle, check out the Ford Fusion Engeri or Ford C-Max here at Sanders Ford. Schedule a test drive today to see what these vehicles can do for you and the environment.

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