Getting rid of your Christmas tree in Onslow County, NC

Tree on the roof of a car overlaid with text reading where to recycle your christmas tree in Onslow County, NC

How to dispose of your Christmas tree near Jacksonville, NC 

When the clock strikes midnight and ushers in the New Year on January 1, it also signifies an end of the holiday season. That means that most people are now tasked with taking down their Christmas decorations, including their Christmas tree. While many turn to artificial options, there are people who are now stuck trying to figure out how to get rid of their live Christmas tree. There are a variety of ways that you can dispose of your Christmas tree near Jacksonville, NC.  

Recycling your Christmas tree 

People pulling a Christmas Tree in the snow

For a small fee, you can bring your bare Christmas tree to the landfill or the Midway Park and Folkstone convenience centers from 8 am until 5:30 pm. From there, the trees will be recycled in a variety. In some instances, trees might be used to help stabilize the dunes on the beach. Trees that are devoid of decorations are used to accumulate sand, either creating new dunes or adding to old ones.  

If you’re looking for another way to provide a service with your live Christmas tree, you can bring it to the Possumwood Acres Wildlife Sanctuary, where they will be used to provide shelter, create a more natural environment inside cages, and even relieve stress in injured animals. To donate your tree, simply bring it to the Wildlife Sanctuary without lights, tinsel, or other decorations.  

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While the holiday season might be wrapping up, if you weren’t able to find the perfect gift on four wheels, you can visit Sanders Ford and still have time to put it under the tree, albeit when you’re taking the tree for recycling. There are a variety of incentives on new vehicles, and if you want to learn more about new 2018 Ford models, you can visit the Sanders Ford blog for plenty of information.  

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