Go Back to the Future in a Ford Vehicle

Go Back to the Future in a Ford Vehicle

Ford Celebrates Back to the Future Day

Happy Back to the Future day! To celebrate this fun event, Ford has included a fun little easter egg on its website for the 2016 Ford Focus and 2016 Fiesta. For a limited time, customers will have the option to equip either car with the Flux Capacitor from the Back to the Future series, though we think its price might be a bit much for most of our customers! Read on to learn about how you can Go Back to the Future in a Ford Vehicle.

Sadly, if you haven’t already guessed as much, the Flux Capacitor can’t actually be added to a new Ford vehicle. This is just Ford’s fun way of joining in on the celebration for Back to the Future Day. There are many features in Ford vehicles that seem futuristic, though, and we’ll list some for you!

Futuristic Ford Features in the Focus and Fiesta

Ford SYNC 3 - The new SYNC 3 infotainment system is a remarkable piece of technology that drivers are likely to enjoy very much. Its easy-to-use design and interface lets you switch among audio options, navigation, and many apps — including one that lets you order pizza!

EV Models - Ford’s EV and Hybrid models are very much futuristic cars. The Ford Focus comes in a extremely efficient all-electric model that gets a whopping 110/99 MPGe rating.

Ambient Lighting - The available ambient lighting is great for upgrading the interior of the Focus or Fiesta to be even more incredible. Not only is it good for setting a cool, relaxing vibe, but it is also highly practical to assist you in locating things like cupholders at night. You can selectable colors include red, blue, purple, orange, aqua, white and yellow-green.

2016 ford fiesta features

The flux capacitor will be available as an option in Ford’s “build and price” online tool now until October 26, 2015. Adding it to the Focus or Fiesta will increase the price by $1.21 million, which breaks down to easily more than $12,000 a month for lease payments. Thankfully, Ford’s other (and real) features and options are much more affordable! Be sure to checkout our inventory in Jacksonville, NC if you’d like to drive a futuristic Ford today!

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