Greenhouses to visit spring 2018

Gardening supplies on a wooden plank with text reading Greenhouses near Jacksonville, NC

Greenhouses near Jacksonville, NC 

With spring underway, and summer right around the corner, there is no better time to get outside and enjoy nature. If you’re looking for something fun to do outdoors, consider taking the time to plant a garden this summer. Those who are looking to put together a garden this summer can visit one of these greenhouses near Jacksonville, NC in Onslow County.  

Grants Creek Nursery 

Jacksonville, NC 

Visiting this 35-acre property is more like an adventure than a shopping trip. Find a variety of trees and shrubs, along with annuals and perennials to make your yard the best looking in the neighborhood at Grants Creek Nursery. Not only will you get to spend time outdoors planting, but while you’re looking for the perfect plants, you’ll be able to explore the entire area.  

S&H Feed & Garden 

Swansboro, NC 

Stop by S&H Feed & Garden in Swansboro, NC, for all your outdoor needs. In addition to all the gardening supplies you could want, S&H Feed & Garden also has animal and pet supplies. Whether you’re looking for something to keep Fido happy, or you’re just visiting for the plants and seeds, S&H Feed & Garden is the place for you.  

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Pender Pines Garden Center 

Hampstead, NC 

If you’re looking to spend some time relaxing before you beautify your garden, visit Pender Pines Garden Center, where you can take your time in the Arboretum. In the Pender Pines Arboretum, you can spend time walking through an acre of ponds and plants before finding the perfect perennials and annuals to make your garden more inviting.  

Get ready to work at Sanders Ford 

Young girl watering flowers in a gardenMaking a garden can be hard work. To ensure that you’re able to get everything done that you need to, you’ll have to make sure you have a vehicle that has enough space and power to accomplish any task. Whether you’re bringing home plants and soil, or you’re just looking for a vehicle that can make the trip to any of these greenhouses, stop by Sanders Ford to find a vehicle that fits your needs. Visit the Sanders Ford blog to learn more about performance and interior specifications. 

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