Guide to Ford SYNC®

Phone connected in infotainment system

What are the benefits of Ford SYNC®

Vehicle entertainment has come a long way from AM/FM radios. It seems that every year there’s some new piece of technology that has become standard in new vehicles. Ford vehicles are no exception with Ford SYNC® being a standard part of most new models. By integrating your technology into the vehicle and using voice control, it is less likely that people will fall prey to the lure of distracted driving, which keeps the roads safer. 

While Ford SYNC® has been a standard feature on new models since 2014, if you haven’t been by a dealership since you bought your first car in the stone ages, or if you’ve never bought a new car, the new advances in vehicular entertainment technology could leave you a little befuddled. The terminology used to refer to integrated infotainment systems varies from company to company, so if you’re shopping around, the experience offered by Ford SYNC® may differ from other vehicles. The 2017 Ford Focus and other Ford models allow for connectivity from both Apple and Android products.  If you are using  a different cell phone brand, fear not, as Ford SYNC® is compatible with a wide variety of additional smart phones.

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How to use Ford SYNC®   

man in car holding phoneOnce you pair your compatible smart phone with your 2017 Ford Focus, you will be able to access features through voice control. You are able to place a call, open apps and listen to music with simple voice commands. You can stream audio from a Bluetooth® connected phone, or through the system on your vehicle. Using SYNC® AppLinkTM  you can connect to music streaming services like Pandora, Spotify and Sirius XM. If you opt for  SYNC® 3, your Android or Apple phone is even more accessible with Android AutoTM or Apple® CarPlayTM.

Ford SYNC® is helping revolutionize safety by offering these normally optional features as a standard part of the vehicle entertainment system. Two USB charger ports in the 2017 Focus allow you to make sure that your phone stays charged and connected. Contact us at Sanders Ford for more information or schedule a test drive to experience Ford SYNC® for yourself.

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