Haunted Houses near Jacksonville, NC

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Best Haunted Houses near Jacksonville, NC 

For some, Halloween is a time of pumpkin spice and buckets of candy. There are others who crave terrible frights and buckets of blood. If you’re looking for a haunted house experience near Jacksonville, North Carolina, there are several options to consider for all of you scaring needs.  

Nightmare Factory 

Havelock, NC 

For a full evening of frights and scares, visit the Nightmare Factory in Havelock, NC. There are five haunts in the Nightmare Factory. The Factory and the Psych Ward are the main attractions with three sideshows, the 3D Fun House, Mausoleum, and Virus.  

Marr Branch 

Mount Olive, NC 

The rednecks at Marr Branch will have you begging for deliverance. There are three horrifying sections of the Marr Branch experience, the Haunted House, Psycho Swamp and Hay Field. With violence and gore galore, Marr Branch is the best place for straight-up frights. 

Fear Show 

Jacksonville, NC 

Actually feel the horror when you visit the Fear Show. There are two tents of terror, called the Chamber and the Kill Room, that use all of your senses to psychologically terrify. In the Kill Room, you’ll experience an experiment designed to frighten you with your worst fears, and the Chamber has you confront them head-on in an interactive ordeal.  

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