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The history of the taxi began in New York City.

The history of the taxi began in New York City.

History of the Taxi

Taxis have a long and interesting history here in the United States. There has been ridesharing services like taxis, limos, and chauffeurs since the 1890s. The business is still rapidly growing with new companies like Lyft and Uber which can be found all over the nation. Taxi’s first got started in New York City. Ford has played a big role in the history of the taxi so it’s interesting to look back at how much the rideshare industry has come.

Ford was the first car makers to offer seat belts.

Ford was the first car makers to offer seat belts.

Taxicabs really started to rise in popularity in the 1920s because there was more of a demand. So companies like Ford Motor Company began operating fleets of cabs. When the Great Depression started there were an estimated 16,000 cabs in New York alone. Then in 1956 Ford became the first automaker to offer seatbelts in the back of their cabs which were mostly made up of the Ford Fairlane Crown Victoria. At the time, the most popular taxi model was a Checker model called the Superba. It had a back bench large enough for eight passengers.

Then in the 1990s the Ford Crown Victoria became the primary car for taxis. This was the first time that taxis were built more for customer comfort and safety. The seats were so comfy that the New York Times called them a sofa on wheels. These cars now had federally mandated lap and shoulder belts. In 2011 Ford ended the production of the Crown Victoria after 30 years. Now taxis are much more diverse but when people think of the word taxi, the classic Crown Victoria still comes to mind.

Ford was made taxi's more comfortable for passengers.

Ford was made taxi’s more comfortable for passengers.

Ford Motor Company has a story history with taxis, but now they have a strong future with even more vehicles like the Ford Focus.  It is interesting to see how far this small industry has come and even more exciting to see how Ford has made an impact in so many different areas. To see what Ford has been up to this year, come check out Sanders Ford here in the Swansboro/Jacksonville area.  Don’t forget about the National Night Out sponsored by Sanders Ford in Jacksonville on August 5!


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