How do I refill my back windshield washer fluid in a Ford?

How do I refill my back windshield washer fluid in a Ford?

If you are driving a vehicle with a windshield wiper blade in the back, you will have likely noticed that it seems to have its own operating system, as it will most likely have its own lever or switch to activate the piece.

This train of thought will typically lead to the question, how do I refill my back windshield washer fluid in a Ford? However, it is worth noting, because we’ve gotten this question before, that there is only one reservoir to refill with windshield washer fluid.

You may have already known or figured this, but there is no separate compartment or area you have to fill with windshield washer fluid to make it clean the back windshields. You may be thinking, well, duh, but you’d be surprised how many times we get this question. So, if you were the one thinking it, don’t worry. You’re not alone!

So, to refill the fluid that goes to clean your back windshield, just add more fluid to the reservoir where you normally put windshield washer fluid.

How to refill the back windshield washer fluid

For many vehicles, that is under the hood. You will most likely find this place near the spot where you check your oil dipstick. This makes it easy to remember to check your fluids every time you are getting an oil change or changing your own oil. Without windshield washer fluid, especially in the back, it can be difficult to see sometimes, which is not only a danger to yourself but others on the road.

The types of vehicles that typically have back windshield wiper blades are hatchbacks and SUVs, both of which are popular in Jacksonville Swansboro NC. Some of our favorite vehicles with back windshield washer blades that will need an ample amount of windshield washer fluid are the Ford Fiesta, the Ford Explorer and the Ford Escape.

You can get all of these vehicles today at Sanders Ford!

3 thoughts on “How do I refill my back windshield washer fluid in a Ford?

  1. While it is in fact true that FORD does have this convenient placement the same is not always true however as DODGE vehicles and many others have a seperate fill container located behind back gate/hatch above taillight so therefore the response given above is both unacceptable and rude to people who know this little fact and read this reconsider your replies FORD

  2. I have a fird fiesta ztech and ther no water coming out to wash window is it tge same one as frobt or dose it have it own and where is it alicated please

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