How does Dual-Zone Temperature Control work in a Ford F-150?

How does Dual-Zone Temperature Control work in a Ford F-150?

Have you ever had the problem of being warm in a car while you drive, but your passengers are still cold? Or vise-versa? Well, this issue can be solved easily thanks to modern features from ford like the Dual-Zone Automatic Temperature Control that’s found in many of its vehicles, such as the Ford F-150. It can be a bit complicated looking at first though, so if you’d like to learn how does Dual-Zone Temperature Control work in a Ford F-150, then just checkout our post below!

How to use the Dual-Zone Temperature Control in a Ford

To turn on the climate control system, you’ll have to hit the power button in the top left corner, and then you can start choosing things like temperature and fan control. You can manually select the options available, like which vents will be used, fan speed, and more — but you can also use the auto function available in the Dual-Zone Temperature control. What this does is automatically control the air distribution and airflow based on whatever temperature you set it to. Checkout the next paragraph for some basic instructions, or feel free to watch the video below for more details!

What’s really convenient about this is that you can do it for both the driver and passenger. So if you tend to get really warm while driving, you can maintain a comfortable temperature without everyone else in the car being cold. To do this, you’ll have to push the “Auto” button, and then turn the temperature gauge to what you want it set at. Also, if you want to use the dual-zone function, then the passenger will need to do the same with the “Dual” button. You can also keep this temperatures set, so that everytime you turn on your vehicle it prepares your cabin temperature for you.

Want to test out the Dual-Zone Temperature Control in a Ford? You can find it in many vehicles on our lot at Sanders Ford, including the Ford F-150. Come by and take a test drive, and see if you enjoy having the extra temperature controls!

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