Maximize the Energy Efficiency In Your Electric of Hybrid Using Ford’s Brake Coach Feature

How Does the Ford Brake Coach Work?

How Does the Ford Brake Coach Work?

Most drivers probably took their driving test many, many years ago. Therefore, a little refresher course wouldn’t hurt, especially when it comes to driving an electric or hybrid vehicle from Ford. In order to maximize energy efficiency, Ford has implemented a coach into these cars. Of course, we are talking about a digital coach, not someone hanging out in your back seat barking orders at you. So, how does the Ford Brake Coach work?

The idea is to maximize the amount of energy getting captured through the vehicle’s regenerative braking system. Your vehicle will do this automatically, no matter how you drive, but having a little coaching when it comes to braking can help.

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Usually, this energy is lost through the brake friction or engine drag, but regenerative braking is able to recover some of this energy for use by your battery. In order to maximize this energy recovery, it is best to come to a gradual stop rather than an abrupt one. Whenever you come to a stop, the Brake Coach screen will appear in your information display, showing you a percentage. The higher the percentage, the better, and if you achieve 100% that means you managed to brake as gradual as is necessary for maximizing energy recovery. Of course, if you feel you have a good handle on how to brake best for your regenerative braking system, you can turn it off by using your steering wheel arrow buttons to access the Settings menu, then Display, then Brake Coach and Off.

What Ford Vehicles Have a Brake Coach?

Ford’s regenerative braking system and Brake Coach won’t be found on all vehicles, however. It is particularly reserved for cars designed for exceptional efficiency. The models that it comes available with include the Ford C-Max Energi, Fusion Energi or other hybrid or electric vehicle.

So, if your Ford vehicle has this feature, you now know how the Ford Brake Coach works to maximize your efficiency. To learn more about it or to ask us any other questions about your Ford, please do not hesitate to contact us at Sanders Ford. Also, don’t forget to check back to the Sanders Ford blog for more tips.

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