Bees Help Ford Design the Cargo Shelf In the 2018 EcoSport

How Much Can the 2018 Ford EcoSport Cargo Shelf Hold?

How Much Can the 2018 Ford EcoSport Cargo Shelf Hold?

Often times, design innovations come from engineering and design experts at Ford. Sometimes, however, the best innovations in engineering and design come from beings that have been around much longer than any car has. We are talking about bees, and it is bees that have helped Ford create the 2018 Ford EcoSport cargo shelf.

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How much it can hold is thanks in part to bees and the way they design honeycomb. Of course, there were no bees in the Ford offices or factories giving their input on the upcoming 2018 EcoSport, but Ford did take some input from the way they build their hives.

Four-Way Parcel Shelf in the Ford EcoSport

The feature we are referring to is a four-way parcel shelf in the rear cargo area of the EcoSport. The shelf can lift up and is adjustable, helping you to meet any of your cargo carrying needs.

In order to make sure the shelf could hold things securely, the shelf had to be strong without weighing too much. That’s where the bees come in. By borrowing from bees’ honeycomb design, engineers at Ford were able to ensure that the shelf weighed only 6 pounds, while also being capable of holding up to 700 pounds.

That’s a whole lot of weight. In case you were wondering just how much, Ford helped us out with a little example. Say you have a landscaping project on your hands and you need the EcoSport to haul your supplies. With the shelf capable of holding up to 700 pounds, that equates to you being able to carry roughly 5 bags of concrete, 4 bags of top soil and 8 individual gallons of water.

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To learn more about what you can expect from the 2018 Ford EcoSport and how much its cargo shelf can hold, contact us at Sanders Ford. We would be happy to update you on its availability.

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