How much room is in the 2016 Ford Taurus?

How much room is in the 2016 Ford Taurus?

Many people today find themselves moving away from the sedan and going toward the crossovers and SUVs because of how much space they’re able to offer. We love Ford SUVs, but if you’d rather be driving a car, then you don’t have to sacrifice to get the space you want — you can drive the Ford Taurus. But how much room is in the 2016 Ford Taurus?

Passenger room in the 2016 Ford Taurus

The 2016 Ford Taurus avoids compromise. It’s powerful, efficient, and very roomy on the inside. You don’t have to sacrifice your comfort when you drive in the 2016 Ford Taurus. The Taurus comes with 102.2 cu.ft. of passenger volume — which is even more spacious than some SUVs even offer. Even if you use all five seats in the Ford Taurus, there will still be plenty of room for everyone to stretch out and be comfortable.

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What seat materials are offered in the 2016 Ford Taurus

Having space isn’t the only thing that makes an interior comfortable — the seats also play a big part. No matter which material you go with in the 2016 Taurus, you’ll be getting one that has been designed specially for comfort. The Ford Taurus lets you choose between two different varieties of cloth seats and two different perforated leather seats. The front driver and passenger seats can also make use of heated and cooled cushion tech to make sure you’re comfortable throughout the year!

Passenger room in the 2016 Ford Taurus

How big is the trunk in the 2016 Ford Taurus?

If you’re someone who likes to make good use of the trunk of a car, then you’ll be impressed with the Ford Taurus. Much like the available passenger room, the Taurus has a roomy trunk with a total volume of 20.1 cu.ft. Need even more room? Don’t forget: you can also tow in the Ford Taurus!

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