How much space is inside the 2017 Ford Expedition?

How much space is inside the 2017 Ford Expedition?

SUVs come in all shapes and sizes. You can pick up something smaller and efficient like the Ford Explorer, which offers five total seats and competitive fuel economy, or you can go the other route and get a massive SUV with impressive performance numbers, seating for everyone, and plenty of room on the inside. One such vehicle is the 2017 Ford Expedition. Be sure to take a look below to see how much space is inside the Expedition.

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Interior Space in the 2017 Expedition

The Expedition is the perfect vehicle for those who want a room interior that can hold a large group of people. At the standard level, the 2017 Ford Expedition has seats for eight passengers, but what is even more impressive is how each passenger also has the space to stretch out and really enjoy the ride. In total, there is 160 cu.ft. of passenger volume in the Ford Expedition with each seat offering luxurious comfort. In addition to its passenger room, the Expedition offers 18.6 cu.ft. of luggage volume with all the seats up or 108.3 cu.ft. when you fold them down.

Interior Space in the 2017 Expedition

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Does the 2017 Expedition EL have more room for passengers?

The Ford Expedition is not only available in its standard size but you can also get the Expedition EL — which means Extended Length. The Expedition EL mostly adds extra room to the cargo area, totaling in 42.6 cu.ft. with the seats up and 130.8 cu.ft. with them down. But the 2017 Expedition EL also adds some additional passenger room with a total of 168 cu.ft.

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