How to get the Ford GT Model Kit for Kids

How to get the Ford GT Model Kit for Kids

From what we have all seen of the application process that car buyers need to go through to order a brand new Ford GT, it will be a pretty exclusive vehicle — not even paying attention to the price tag that is rumored. However, there is one Ford GT that will be a bit easier for you to get, thankfully! Want to learn how to get the Ford GT model kit for kids? Just take a look at the rest of our blog for that and details on the upcoming Ford GT.

Ford GT Snap Kits

The North American International Auto Show is coming up quick, and it’s tough to imagine any other automotive event for a young car-love to wish to go to. For those lucky ones out there, Ford is giving away a special Ford GT Snap kit at the Ford stand. This limited edition, build-it-yourself Ford GT model will be different than the retail model that will be widely available for purchase later for $14,99. The auto show limited edition has been crafted so that it is only made up for 14 pieces for an easy assembly in just minutes, and will also feature a unique stamp on the bottom to prove its validity as the special edition.

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How to get the Ford GT Model Kit for KidsThe retail model that is releasing later will include more pieces — 28 in total — and will take around 15 minutes or so to put together. So whether you’re able to visit Ford at the Detroit Auto Show, or are just eagerly waiting for all the news to come out from the comfort of your home, you can still get your very own Ford GT model. This isn’t the only Ford performance model that has been turned into a snap kit by Revell — the company that Ford has partnered with. It has also transformed the Ford Mustang and Raptor into snap kits for others to enjoy.

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