How to keep a leather interior from heating up in the Summer?

How to keep a leather interior from heating up in the Summer?

Leather seats and trim materials on the inside of a car are great for adding both comfort and an air of luxury, but what they’re not so great at is dealing with the heat associated with Summer. So what are you supposed to do when your leather seats become hot? Here is some advice on how to keep a leather interior from heating up in the Summer!

Park in the Shade

This is one of the best solutions, but also not always the most convenient. Parking in the shade will greatly reduce the temperature in your car, especially since the leather seats won’t be soaking up heat from the sun’s rays. This can be easier to do at home in a garage, but less so if going to a large parking lot where there isn’t much for shade. Still, it’s important to take advantage of this when you can, whether your interior is leather or not.

how to keep leather seats cool in the summerUse a Sunshade in your Car

Have you seen those reflective sheets that are kind of like aluminum foil sitting in the car windshield? They make look goofy sometimes, but if you have a leather interior then you might really appreciate what a sunshade can do. Cars lock in the heat when they’re parked, but using a sun shade could drop you down about 20 degrees, which will make for a much nicer first few minutes. This also blocks some of the damaging effects that the sun has on leather.

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Use an automatic starter

Driving a Ford with an automatic starter? You can set your climate control to automatically cool your interior as soon as you start your car. Just plan a few minutes ahead of time and hit the starter. By the time you get there it should be nice and cool!

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Cover your leather seats to reduce heat

Want the comfort of leather but don’t want to deal with the heat? Getting a seat cover might be the best solution for you. The extra layer of thin cloth will prevent the sun from heating up the leather too much, especially if you use a lighter color. In the pinch you could also throw a towel down over the seats when you get into a hot car.

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