Is it safe to put a spare tire on the front wheel in a Ford?

Is it safe to put a spare tire on the front wheel in a Ford?

Having a tire go flat when driving is very inconvenient, and potentially dangerous. It can also be confusing on what to do with your spare if you’re not very experienced in changing a tire. Here’s a question that we hear a lot: is it safe to put a spare tire on the front wheel in a Ford? Read on for the answer!

Why you shouldn’t put a spare tire on the front of a car

As it turns out, putting a spare tire on the front wheel of either side isn’t good for you or your car. Spares should only be put to limited use, but it’s best if they’re not placed in the front of your vehicle for multiple reasons. A couple of the big ones is because the front wheels do most of your braking, and are also (typically) the tires that are receiving power and turning. Having two different sized tires in the front isn’t safe for these reasons.

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Putting your spare tire on the front of your car can also cause damage to your vehicle, for similar reasons. The best way to make sure you don’t cause any damage to your vehicle from a spare is only using it for a short period, and at a lower speed.

How long can you drive on a spare tire?

So, there’s many different schools of thought when it comes to how long you can drive on a spare tire. Some recommend only doing it for a few miles, while others say you can go as far as 100, as long as you’re making sure not to exceed the speed limit they have — usually around 30-40 mph. The best thing to do is refer to the instructions and safety warnings on your spare tire, and your owner’s manual for what it says about using a donut spare.

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