Jay Leno Drives the Ford Shogun

Ford Shogun on Jay Leno’s Garage

Whether you liked the Tonight Show with Jay Leno or not, there is no debate that his own show — Jay Leno’s Garage — is a big hit for the automotive lovers out there. We also really appreciate how easy it is to keep up with Jay Leno’s Garage, since it is available to watch on YouTube. It’s always exciting to see a Ford model appear on the show, but we were even surprised when we saw the Ford Shogun on Jay Leno’s Garage.

Ford Shogun on Jay Leno’s Garage

So what exactly is a Shogun? Well, it’s actually a custom Ford Festiva from 1989. You can think of the Festiva as a predecessor of the Ford Fiesta. It was a smaller, subcompact vehicle, that had a nice angled and boxy look that was stylish at the time. Well in 1990 seven 1989 Festivas were converted into the SHOgun by added a 3.0L SHO V6 engine in place of the back seat of the subcompact, along with other cosmetic changes — resulting in a very odd hot hatch creation with a cult following. Jay Leno happens to own one (again, only seven were ever made) and recently gave us all a tour on Jay Leno’s Garage of what the SHOgun is capable of.

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