Labor Day events in Jacksonville NC 2015

Labor Day events in Jacksonville NC 2015

Labor Day is a fun holiday because it is technically one to celebrate hard work and achievements made by the labor movement and labor force. It is a well-earned day off for most workers, and this Labor Day, we encourage you to take a moment and think about how far you’ve come over the last year.

Even if you don’t think this year has been incredibly productive or anything special, we urge you to take a minute to think about all you’ve accomplished, even if it is just making it another day on this Earth!

This Labor Day, spend time with loved ones and enjoy each minute to its fullest.

Here are some fun Labor Day events in Jacksonville NC 2015:

Labor Day 2015

Visit the Veterans Memorial

While this activity may not be the ideal one for everyone, visiting the Veterans Memorial, located on Lejeune Blvd., is a humbling, thought-provoking experience that we believe everyone should have at least once in their lives.

Have a picnic on the beach

There are a number of quality beaches in the Jacksonville Swansboro area, but one of our favorites in the Hammocks Beach, in Hammocks Beach State Park,
Go paddleboarding or kayaking
Just as there are a number of beaches in NC, that means there are a number of places to go paddleboarding or kayaking, or really any other watersport you could imagine! Bring the whole family out for a day of fun in the sun.

Check out downtown Jacksonville

Downtown Jacksonville is full of life and bustling with activities. Stop and get a bite to eat, enjoy the old buildings and check out the sites.

Visit the Pelletier House

The Pelletier House is the oldest home in Jacksonville and is the location of the Wantland Ferry, where Jacksonville was originated.

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