Learn how to Build and Apply for the Ford GT online

Learn how to Build and Apply for the Ford GT online

The all-new Ford GT has been on our radar for quite a while now, and if you’re a fan of performance vehicles then you have likely heard a bit about it as well — whether it be from our previous blogs on the Ford GT or somewhere else. Now the Ford GT is available to build online. Even if you’re not planning on buying a Ford GT it is a fun experience to be able to build and customize the sports car of your dreams.

Customize the Ford GT Online

Learn how to Build and Apply for the Ford GT onlineBy going to the Ford GT website you can explore and customize the super-car to make it perfect for you. Then you can scroll down and select configure to get the ball rolling. From here you’ll be able to choose from Exterior, wheel, interior, and series to start picking and choosing different colors, options, features and more. The image running down the right-hand side of this blog represents just the exterior color choices for the Ford GT.

And pretty much everything can be customized on the Ford GT. It will be difficult to find two Ford GTs that look alike, even taking into account that there will be very few of these ever made (250 per year) in comparison to Ford’s other cars.

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How to Apply for the Ford GT

Also on the Ford GT website is the application for you to fill out to try and get your Ford GT. Applications for the Ford GT opened today — April 13 — and will stay open until May 12. The estimate price for the Ford GT is $400,000 — so this isn’t the vehicle for everyone! Applying for one, however, is free. It’s also good to keep in mind that Ford offers plenty of other performance vehicles that are in a more affordable price range, like the Fiesta ST, Focus ST, Focus RS, F-150 Raptor and — of course — the legendary Ford Mustang.

If you find yourself wanting to get a closer look at a Ford Performance vehicle then you should take a look at our available inventory online, or stop by Sanders Ford in Jacksonville NC in person!

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