Meet the New Ford Motorhome based on the Transit Van

New Ford Motorhome

You might not have heard of a Transit, but you’ve definitely seen one. It’s America’s best-selling commercial van, and it’s been used by tons of organizations for a wide variety of purposes. The Transit is getting a bit closer to home, though, as it appears there will be a new Ford motorhome based on the transit van.

New Ford Motorhome

The newest Transit RV will be the Winnebago Fuse — which will be a Class C motorhome that uses the Ford Transits chassis to create the perfect vehicle for the active family. The Winnebago Fuse will be offered in a couple of different configurations. The first will offer a slide-out rear bedroom with a queen-size bed. The second will have a front slide-out, two twin beds, and a rear bath. Both RVs will be powered by the Ford Power Stroke 3.2L five-cylinder diesel engine.

The Fuse isn’t the only motorhome that manufacturers are building on the Ford Transit‘s platform, though. Thor Motor Coach and Coachmen RV are both planning to introduce their own models. The Ford Transit is such a versatile vehicle that it will also eventually offer choices for Class B motorhomes — commonly referred to as camper vans.

New Ford Motorhome

When can I get the Winnebago Fuse?

Lucky for you, the Winnebago Fuse will be going on sale soon! This January, to be precise. We haven’t heard word on when other manufacturers will be selling their Transit RV-based motorhomes.

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What do you think of the Transit-based motorhomes? Looks like a pretty slick interior, to us, and we’re hoping that those who are interested like it as well. Would you be interested in giving the Fuse or other Ford motorhomes based on the Transit a tour? Let us know! After all, it has a blue oval on the front, so you might spot one on our lot in the near future!

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