What is the Most Fuel Efficient Ford Car?

what is the most fuel efficient ford car?

Fuel efficiency is one of our customers most important categories that ultimately results in them buying or not buying a particular vehicle. We never know exactly where gas prices will go, but even by playing it safe and buying something that gets great mileage, you end up spending less! That’s why many people come to our lot asking what is the most fuel efficient Ford car?

Most Efficient Ford Gas Powered Vehicle

2015 Ford Focus

MPG: 30 City/42 Highway with 1.0L I-3 EcoBoost Engine

The Focus has been instrumental in pushing the automotive industry forward. It remains, to this day, not just one of Ford’s most popular vehicles, but one of the most popular compact sedans (or hatchback!) available. It gets an impressive 31 MPG combined with its standard engine, but you can push that even further with the available 1.0L I-3 EcoBoost.

Most Efficient Ford Hybrid

2016 Ford Fusion Hybrid

MPG: 44 City/41 Highway

If you’re in the market for a hybrid, it’s hard to pass up the Ford Fusion Hybrid model. It’s rocking a 44 City/41 Highway MPG rating will get you where you need to go, and then some! Worried about a lack of power? Don’t be. The Fusion Hybrid has an impressive 188 horsepower to keep every drive a fun one.

ford cars with best mpgMost Efficient Ford Electric Car

2015 Ford Focus Electric

MPGe: 110 City/99 Highway

Yup, another Ford Focus has made its way into our list, which should speak a lot to how great this car really is. The Focus Electric leads Ford’s Electric cars (others include the C-Max Energi and Fusion Energi) with its 110 City/99 Highway MPGe rating. The battery charges fast too (about 3.6 hours with the 240V home charging station) so you don’t have to worry about a low battery being an inconvenience.

Want to check out our available stock of fuel efficient vehicles? You can sort our new inventory by whatever MPG amount you’re looking for! We also offer a large variety of fuel efficient used vehicles if you’re on the search for a bargain.

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