Ford Announces All-New Ranger and Bronco Return

New Ford Bronco Release Dates

New Ford Ranger and Bronco Release Dates

Here on the Sanders Ford blog, we like to keep you up-to-date on everything that is happening in automotive and the latest announcements from Ford itself. Because of that, we are here today to share some good news: Ford will be resurrecting the Ranger midsize pickup and Bronco crossover, and the company will be making both in Michigan. So, what are the release dates for these two exciting vehicles? Read on to find out.

Though these two vehicles are sure to appeal to just about any driver shopping in their respective segments, there is no doubt that they will also appeal to Ford enthusiasts as well. Many of you have likely been dreaming of the day you’ll see the return of the Ranger, and especially the Bronco. That being said, you may have to wait just a little while.

The Ranger will have a model year of 2019, which means we could see it release as early as next year in 2018. Otherwise, we may have to wait until 2019 itself. As for the Bronco, it will release during the 2020 model year, so you can expect the earliest chance you’ll have to get behind the wheel to be in 2019.

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new ford ranger release date2019 Ford Ranger and 2020 Ford Bronco Specs 

Details on both of these vehicles are pretty slim for now. Ford hasn’t said much about either one other than what model year they will be releasing in.

What we do know, is that the Ranger is expected to be an affordable option for those looking for a new pickup, containing the versatility you need with the on-road thrill you desire. As for the Bronco, it will likely be in a segment all its own, offering similar versatility and capabilities to some of the Ford crossovers currently available.

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Though not much is known about the new Ford Ranger and Ford Bronco other than their release dates, you’ll want to check back to the Sanders Ford blog for the latest updates as they become available.

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