Ford F150 Raptor proves to be durable in all types of terrain

Ford raptor driving ratings North Carolina

Will you get the Ford Raptor?

New Ford Raptor durability ratings for North Carolina

Drivers are loving the news about the Ford Raptor, and for a good reason! It is going to be one of the most powerful, exciting pickups for sure in the last few years, quite possibly ever. It makes all other pickups in its segment look inadequate in terms of all of its features and power. Just recently, too, Ford released info on how the Raptor rated in terms of handling different types of terrain, specifically in the desert, which is great for drivers who love to travel.

In North Carolina, there are a TON of different outdoor activities and things to do where a durable vehicle would come in handy, so when we learned that the new Ford Raptor durability ratings for North Carolina were favorable, we got excited.

While there aren’t TOO many deserts in the southeast, there are a number of other terrain types where elite handling and superior drivetrains would come in handy. The F150 Raptor completed a 66-mile testing route that included a wide array of surfaces such as sand, silt, rocks, trenches and deep sand.

The Raptor topped out at speeds of 100 mph, but was able to slow down to 10 mph when necessary to make an average speed of 50 mph. The new Raptor has tested to be 25 percent faster than the current truck.

2017 Ford Raptor desert ratings

Try to catch up to the 2017 Raptor!

Power ratings for 2017 Ford Raptor.

The 2017 Raptor is going to be really fun to drive.

The exciting thing about the Raptor is that it was also able to complete a tabletop jump that was constructed with a steep ramp up to a 2-foot plateau then a step-off back to level ground. This is a pretty big deal because there are very few others vehicles that could complete this type of activity with as much poise and stability as the Raptor.

Get ready for this vehicle’s arrival later next year! We can’t wait to finally see it in person!

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