See How to check a tire’s age

How to check a tire's age

Many people opt to be a used vehicle for a wide variety of reasons. They might want to pay less over time, it might be their first vehicle, they could be taking advantage of our great Ford Certified Pre-Owned system, or many others. If you decide to buy used, then one thing that you should keep in mind is the age of the tires. But how do you check a tire’s age?

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How do you check the age of a tireHow do you check the age of a tire?

Many people know how to check to see if the tread on a tire is still good, but that’s not the only thing to consider when determining in a tire is safe or not to drive on. Even if a tire has few miles on it, the rubber can break down over the years and become unsafe. So how do you go about checking the age of a tire? If you look at the sidewall of the tire you’ll notice that there are a ton of different numbers and letters there.

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We’re going to take a look at those to determine what the Department of Transportation number is. If the tire was made after 2000 — and this point we really, really hope it was — then there will be a four-digit code. The first two digits of the DOT code represent the week of the year that the tire was made, while the second two represent the specific year. This means that a DOT code of 2112 would be for a tire made in the 21st week of 2012.

How old is too old for a tire?

So when exactly is a tire too old? Even if it doesn’t have very many miles on it, tires older than five years old should be inspected closely every year, if not more often. One good way to go about this is having them inspected every time you get your oil changed. It’s not unheard of for a tire to stay in a good condition for 10 years, but the longevity of tires depends on many different factors.

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 How old is too old for a tire?

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