Mustang Horse vs Mustang Car

Similarities Between the Mustang Horse and Mustang Car

Similarities Between the Mustang Horse and Mustang Car

If you’re into anything automotive, you’ve no doubt heard of the Ford Mustang. It’s an iconic American sports car that just about everyone knows the name of and that most people can instantly recognize on the road. But, what about its name? Where does the name Mustang come from?

You probably already know that mustang is also the name of a type of horse. They are a free-roaming horse, and although you wouldn’t see one in our part of the country, they can be found further out west. So, what are the similarities then between a mustang, the horse, and a Mustang, the car?

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What Does the 2018 Ford Mustang Have In Common With a Mustang Horse?

Well, apart from having a free-roaming spirit and attitude, one similarity you’ll find between the upcoming 2018 Ford Mustang, set to release in the fall of 2017, and a mustang horse is the pulsing start button…

We don’t blame you if you’re confused. What could the pulsing start button possibly have in common with a mustang? Allow us to explain.

The average resting heart rate for an adult mustang is about 30 beats per minute, quite a bit lower than most humans. The new pulsing start button in the 2018 Mustang pulses red when the door is unlocked, up until the engine is started. Care to guess the rate at which it does so? You guessed it… 30 beats per minute. Other things you will want to get excited about when it comes to the future release of the 2018 Ford Mustang include a 12-inch digital and customizable instrument cluster, an available 10-speed automatic transmission and a redesigned look.

To learn more about it, just contact us at Sanders Ford. We can also keep you updated on its availability for a test drive.

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