Start and Unlock a Ford using your Smartphone

Start and Unlock a Ford using your Smartphone

Every year the technology in vehicles gets more and more advanced — especially with a brand like Ford, which is always trying to push the industry forward with innovative features. What would you think if we said that you could Start and Unlock a Ford using your Smartphone? Well, Ford vehicles equipped with the new Ford SYNC connect technology will soon be able to do this, and more!

New Ford SYNC Features 2016

Since its first release, the Ford SYNC system has been revolutionary to how drivers interact with the entertainment console. SYNC 3, the latest iteration, has only improved the process — and is the fastest and most intuitive version yet. Soon it will get even better, with an update coming to SYNC 3.

SYNC Connect will let people remotely access features from their car with their smartphone. This means that you can do tasks like lock and unlock your car, program a remote start for a scheduled time, read vehicle maintenance status, and even a vehicle locater to find where you parked your car.

Start and Unlock a Ford using your SmartphoneDoes SYNC Connect Cost Money?

But surely, with all of these great features, it must come at a cost? We’re pleased to say that for the first five years of ownership, SYNC Connect will be completely complimentary — meaning that you won’t have to worry about a monthly bill for it! Ford is still working out the details for when five years is up, but we’re betting on a pretty reasonable rate.

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What cars will have SYNC Connect?

Eventually, every vehicle that Ford offers that can be equipped with a Ford SYNC 3 system will be able to make use of SYNC Connect. However, the first vehicle available with SYNC Connect will be the all-new 2017 Ford Escape.

Want to learn more about SYNC Connect and how you can start and unlock a Ford using your Smartphone? Keep up with our blog for all the latest Ford news, automotive tips, and more!

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