Come To SwanFest and EmeraldFest!


Summer Activities in Swansboro

Summer is in full swing here in North Carolina and there is so much to do! We love talking about cars but once in a while we need a break too. Summer is a great time to spend time outside and just relax. So let us help! Here at Sanders Ford, we want you to make the most out of this summer, so here are some great summer activities in Swansboro.

In Swansboro, Swanfest is already in full swing. Every Sunday from 6:30pm-8pm there is outdoor music along the waterfront at the Olde Town Pavilion. There are a variety of genres each week to enjoy. It features local artists as well as some Nashville recording artists. Bring a lawn chair and enjoy some free concerts surrounded by your community. There’s nothing better than relaxing on a Sunday night before your work week starts again.
girl If you’d rather stay home on Sundays, don’t worry! EmeraldFest is another weekly event that takes place every Thursday. It’s like a little party to get your weekend started early. The concerts feature different musical artists every week from 6:30pm-8pm at the Western Ocean Regional Access. Both concert series are hosted by the North Carolina Arts Council. A variety of local business help sponsor the events, including Sanders Ford!

We believe in supporting our local community and adding a bit of excitement to  your summer weeks. If you need help getting to the festival, have no fear! Sanders Ford is here is give you many new and used vehicle options. No one wants to stay at home all summer, so come test drive one of our great vehicle options and make some summer plans. Whether you are going across town to Swanfest or you have your eyes set on a further destination. Schedule an appointment today and we will find a vehicle to get you there.

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