Tailgate with Sanders Ford!

Come to the Tailgate Event at Sanders Ford!

Come to the Tailgate Event at Sanders Ford!

Tailgate Event with Sanders Ford

It’s that time of year again when we say farewell to summer and hello to fall. This time of year brings cooler weather, hotter coffee and best of all: football season. It’s time to get all your friends and family together to cheer for your favorite team. Sanders Ford is in on the action with a tailgating event for the whole community. We are celebrating not only the beginning of the football season but also the start of the school year. This event doubles as a tailgating party and a fundraiser! Come check out the Great American Tailgate Event with Sanders Ford!

Sanders Ford is hosting the Great American Tailgate Event on September 13 at our dealership locations. The event is a chance to test drive some new Ford vehicles while raising money for your school. For every test drive done at this event, $10 will be donated to the local schools’ Century Club. The Century Club in Swansboro provides assistance to the Swansboro High School and Swansboro Middle School athletic programs. In the past they have been able to provide storage buildings, equipment, nine passenger vans, a new scoreboard, bleachers, goal posts, tennis courts and more.


The Great American Tailgate Event will take place at both the Jacksonville and Swansboro locations of Sanders Ford. It will take place this Saturday from 10 a.m to 3 p.m. and will have a variety of events to accompany the test drives. There will be a craziest fan contest and the winner will be announced at 11 a.m. and there will also be an afternoon cook out. There will also be a corn hole competition at 1:30. So why not have some fun with Saturday while also raising money for the community?

Sanders Ford is not only a car dealership, but it is a business that cares about the community around them. Last month they sponsored the National Night Out and later this month Sanders Ford is hosting a blood drive. Stop by Sanders Ford this Saturday to raise money and test drive some great Ford cars!

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