Used F-150s in Jacksonville NC for Sale

Used F-150s in Jacksonville NC for Sale

Not everyone shopping for cars is interested in a brand new vehicle. In fact, there’s a large group who are only interested in searching through our used inventory to find the best deal. One type of vehicle that makes a lot of sense to buy used is a truck. Afterall, when you pick it up, it will already be broken in, and something durable like that doesn’t show age just because it has seen some miles. Interested in Used F-150s in Jacksonville NC? Stop by Sanders Ford!

Used F-150s in Jacksonville NC

We’ve got a great selection of used F-150s in Jacksonville NC at our lot at Sanders Ford. If you want a no-nonsense work truck that’s only a few years old, and at a decent price, then we think you’ll be very happy with what we offer at Sanders Ford. But what if you’re looking to treat yourself with a high-end trim Ford F-150? We have a whole variety of used Ford F-150s at multiple trim levels — so you can pick the one that fits you best!

Certified Pre-Owned F-150s

If you’re looking for something that has that little bit extra to make it special, then you should consider a certified pre-owned F-150. This is going to be the perfect balance between picking up a brand new truck and a used one. The best part? Because it’s been put through the rigorous tests to certify it, these F-150s will also come with a warranty.

Used F-150s in Jacksonville NC for Sale

Custom Trucks for Work

Some of you out there might be looking for a little extra power, or might have a very specific task in mind for a truck. Don’t worry, because we’re here to help with that too! Sanders Ford is the home of custom built Super Duty Trucks, and you can give us a call to have us start working on your dream truck anytime.

Want to checkout our selection of used F-150s in Jacksonville NC in person? Not a problem! Stop by anytime and ask for the tour!

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