You can use your phone for just about anything… even buying a new car!

Using smartphone apps to buy a new or used car

Using smartphone apps to buy a new or used car It seems as though now you can use your smartphone for just about anything, even including buying a car! From the initial research phases to the actual car-buying process itself, there are a number of ways technology is on your side in the search for your next perfect vehicle. Because you typically have your smartphone with you everywhere you go, it is easy to do research where you want, when you want on your phone. Often times, too, when you are test driving a vehicle, you want to see reviews and look up information pertinent to the vehicle you are testing out, especially if it’s not one you had already considered, but you don’t have a laptop. You can just as easily use your smartphone now to get all of the information you need! This is another reason using smartphone apps to buy a new or used car have become extremely popular as of late. Below are some of our favorite apps to have handy when you are in the process of buying a new or used car:


You already know you can use Edmunds to easily find information about popular vehicles, but with the app, you can have all of that information right at your fingertips. You can also see trade-in estimates, private party sales and dealer retail cost.


Kelley Blue Book is another already popular resource for information about vehicles on dealership lots, and the app is easy to navigate and use. This app also shows the value of certain makes and models so you know if the price you are seeing is a good one or not. You can also see dealership reviews.


This is a great app for buying a used car because it shows drivers a list of potential signs of bad wear and tear, bad ownership and helps you avoid any lemons. You can check off things the vehicle you are considering has and doesn’t have, and the app will give you a score at the end.


This is another app to use when searching for information about specific makes and models, as well as a more general style of vehicle. You can find a vehicle in your area with specifics such as certain features, colors and MSRP. You can see what price that vehicle will typically sell for and drivers can search for information about specific vehicles by searching by VIN number.

Car Factor

This is the perfect app for creating your dream car and finding out if it is something you can actually afford. Build your desired trim and see how much it will cost, then view MSRP prices and compare those with dealerships that sell a similar new vehicle.

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