Volunteer Opportunities in Jacksonville, NC

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Where to Volunteer Thanksgiving 2017 in Onslow County, NC 

For most, Thanksgiving is a time for food, fun, and family. However, there are people who aren’t able to afford to have a Thanksgiving, and even more who need even more assistance. The upcoming holiday season is the perfect time to give your time and volunteer to help the less fortunate or to give donations to help ensure that everyone can have a happy holiday. One way to volunteer is to help at a food bank. 

United Way of Onslow County 

There are plenty of ways to provide assistance through the United Way of Onslow County, even after the holidays. Donate non-perishable food items or find an opportunity to volunteer to help make the community better. As the holiday season kicks into gear, you can volunteer at the United Way for Christmas Cheer 2017. They are looking for people to assist with sorting food and toys, packing boxes, unloading, and distribution.  

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Onslow Community Outreach, Inc 

Volunteer with Onslow Community Outreach to help in a variety of ways. Onslow Community Outreach sponsors the Caring Community Clinic, Homeless Shelter, and Onslow Soup Kitchen. All of these programs require donations, either monetary or through giving items off of their needs lists. You can donate soups, rice, sugar, cooking oil, cotton balls, band-aids, alcohol pads, laundry detergent, toothbrushes, diapers and many other items, or simply provide a fiduciary contribution. You can also volunteer to help in any of the programs.  

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The Salvation Army 

Though most people know the Salvation Army from their red buckets at Christmas, you can get a jumpstart of doing good by donating old clothes and other goods to their thrift stores. The Salvation Army also takes monetary donations, and if you’ve purchased a new vehicle, and your old one is still in good condition, you can donate that as well.  

No matter how you’re able to help this Thanksgiving, you’ll be able to make a difference in someone’s life.  

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