Self-Driving vehicle roamed Virginia streets 

2017 Ford  Transit Connect with out a driver

Watch how Ford created a Driver-less Car 

Several weeks ago, the internet was abuzz with reports of a driver-less vehicle rolling through the streets of Arlington, Virginia. One of the most-anticipated technology updates that is endlessly teased at automotive events is autonomous technology, so people were obviously excited about the next step in the quest for driver-less cars.  

However, this particular vehicle wasn’t actually driver-less. A reporter was able to obtain video of the inside of the vehicle, which was inhabited by a man wearing a costume that made him look like an empty driver’s seat. When that video went viral, most people shrugged it off as some sort of fun prank.  

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Ford Driver-less technology 

Once the buzz of this perceived prank died down, Ford and Virginia Tech Transportation Institute stepped forward to acknowledge the incident, which wasn’t actually a prank. The “driverless car” was part of an experiment to test how pedestrians and other drivers reacted to the vehicle without the non-verbal cues that are normally given while driving.  

The test vehicle is outfitted with a flashing light bar at the top of the windshield that can signal to pedestrians that it is safe to cross, or letting other drivers know the vehicle is going to begin to accelerate. When the vehicle is yielding for a pedestrian or other obstacle, two lights move side to side and if the car is about the accelerate, the four lights will begin to blink. This research will help create a standardized system that will keep people safe as we edge towards autonomous driving.  

While you can’t get a self-driving vehicle yet, there are plenty of new 2018 Ford models that are chock full of new technology features. Vehicles like the 2018 Ford Flex have advanced safety technology like active park assist. You can learn more about the features and vehicles available by contacting Sanders Ford for more information.  

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