How to increase your vehicle’s fuel efficiency

Closeup of the dashboard gauges in the 2018 Ford Escape

Easy ways to increase the fuel economy of your vehicle 

When you’re hitting the open road, you want to make sure that you’re able to spend as much time as possible actually on the road. While it is nice to think about, most drivers who are going on a car trip will find themselves spending plenty of time stuck at the gas station filling up the tank and draining their wallet. In order to make the most of the time you have driving, following these tips can help you increase your vehicle’s fuel efficiency.  

Monitor your speed 

While it can be nice to get where you need to go as quickly as possible, letting up on the gas pedal is a great way to conserve a little bit of fuel. The faster you go, the more energy you use, and the harder the engine on your vehicle works. By maintaining a consistent speed, you’re able to stave off the increased use of fuel when you speed up.  

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Use your Air Conditioner sparingly 

As it gets hotter during the approach to summer, you’ll likely want to begin blasting the air conditioner. While using the AC makes your vehicle cool and comfortable, you’ll end up standing in the blistering sun while you fill up your gas tank, since using the AC in some cases can decrease your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. If you’re driving down the highway above 60 mph, feel free to turn it on, as long as your windows are rolled up. With the windows down at speeds above 60, you’re compromising your vehicle’s aerodynamic nature. If you want to feel the natural breeze and turn off the AC, feel free to roll your windows down when you’re driving through a city.  

Find a fuel-efficient vehicle at Sanders Ford 

Two people walking toward a 2018 Ford C-MAX Hybrid that is parked on the street

If you’re conscious of your carbon footprint, or if you’re just looking for a way to spend less time at the gas station, you can use these tips to help a little bit. Of course, drivers who are really looking for a vehicle that is efficient will want to find a hybrid vehicle like the 2018 Ford C-Max Hybrid, or any of the other fuel-efficient Ford models available at Sanders Ford 

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