Wearing flip-flops while driving

Man wearing flip-flops while driving

Is it legal to drive while wearing flip-flops or without shoes? 

Flip-flops are the shoe of summer, and with summertime right on the horizon, many drivers will likely begin wearing these iconic shoes. However, there are some people who think that wearing flip-flops or choosing to go without shoes while driving is against the law. If you aren’t sure if it is legal to wear flip-flops or go barefoot while driving, you might end up sacrificing your comfort in order to follow the rules.  

When you get behind the wheel of your car wearing flip-flops, you don’t have to fear any legal repercussions. While some states may have laws regarding footwear on motorcycles, there are no regulations in any of the 50 states that says you can’t wear flip-flops or go barefoot while driving. However, there are many who advise against going sans shoe or choosing flip-flops for safety reasons.  

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Is it dangerous to drive while wearing flip-flops? 

Pre-Collision alert on the dashboard of the 2018 Ford FusionThe most obvious danger when you’re wearing flip-flops or driving barefoot is exposure. You could easily hurt your foot, or have trouble quickly leaving the vehicle in an emergency. In flip-flops, there is also a higher possibility of you causing an accident. There are reports that wearing flip-flops while driving can slow reaction time and can even get caught beneath the pedals, making it harder to quickly stop the vehicle.  

While it is important to keep safety in mind every time you get behind the wheel, there’s no reason why you can’t choose to wear flip-flops or drive without shoes if you want to. For drivers who are worried about staying safe while wearing flip-flops, visit the Sanders Ford blog to learn more about the advanced safety features that can be found on many new Ford models. Stop by the dealership to experience the safety technologies that are available and take a new Ford out for a test drive.

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