Active Grille Shutters Can Maximize Fuel Efficiency

What Are Active Grille Shutters For?

What Are Active Grille Shutters For?

When buying a new vehicle, you’ll come across all sorts of features. Some you may be familiar with, while others you may not. One feature you may not know so well is called Active Grille Shutters, and you’ll find them on vehicles like the 2017 Ford Focus.

So, what are Active Grille Shutters? What are they for and what is their purpose? Though it may not sound like it, they actually serve an important purpose.

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2017 ford focus in redPurpose of Active Grille Shutters

There are two key purposes to the Active Grille Shutters on the Ford Focus or other models. The purposes will change depending on whether the shutters are open or closed.

Let’s start with the open position. When driving at low speeds, the Active Grille Shutters will open. Why? Because this allows air to flow through the various components of the vehicle and cool down key mechanical systems. You don’t want things overheating, after all.

Now, the Active Grille Shutters can also close, and this occurs at higher speeds. When driving at higher speeds, the shutters will close in order to make the car more aerodynamic. Ultimately, this results in improved performance and helps you maximize fuel efficiency. This process is done automatically, so there is nothing you need to do as the driver in order to reap the benefits.

Active Grille Shutters are a simple solution to overheating mechanical parts and aerodynamic drag at high speeds. It’s really just one more way Ford uses innovative technologies and techniques when engineering its vehicles. To learn more about all the features you can find on Ford vehicles like the Focus, be sure to contact us at Sanders Ford. Don’t forget to also return to our blog to learn about more Ford features.

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