What are the New Apps for Applink SYNC 3?

What are the New Apps for Applink SYNC 3?

One thing that many underestimate about Ford’s SYNC 3 infotainment system is just how much can be done with it. SYNC 3 and the LCD screen in the first row can be used for much more than just navigation or a backup camera. Want to get the most out of your Ford equipped with SYNC 3? See the new apps for AppLink SYNC 3 that you can download!

New Apps for Applink SYNC 3 in a Ford

So what has been added to the ever-growing list of compatible apps with Applink SYNC 3? A big addition that we’re excited about is the AAA app that will use GPS data to allow consumers to compare fuel prices in the area, locate fueling stations, and even navigate better with up-to-date traffic information.

What are the New Apps for Applink SYNC 3?Do you drive a lot for work and are reimbursed? If keeping track of your mileage is a hassle, we recommend checking our Concur when it becomes compatible with the Ford SYNC 3. Concur will automatically log a business trip for you, and logs them away in a journal for you.

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You ever bored when cruising around looking for something to do? The Eventseeker app might be just the thing to solve your problem! It can sync with your vehicle’s location to pull data for events in your area, like what artists are playing nearby. You can also go with the Cityseekers, which also pulls GPS data to find the best restaurants, nightlife and other activities in more than 500 cities worldwide.

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What apps work with SYNC 3?

These new apps, when compatible later this year, will join an already strong list of apps on iOS and Android that work with Ford’s SYNC 3. Some of our favorites include: Pandora, Spotify, WSJ, NPR, MLB at Bat, and Dominos.

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