What comes with the 2017 Ford Escape Sport Package?

What comes with the 2017 Ford Escape Sport Package?

We’re not too far away from when the 2017 Ford Escape will be releasing, and available at our lot in Jacksonville NC, and there’s a lot to be excited about. The Escape has always led the pack when it comes to small to midsize SUVs and crossovers, and the 2017 model will be no different. Want to really put the Sport in SUV? You can equip the new Escape with the Sport Package! But what comes with the 2017 Ford Escape Sport Package?

What comes with the 2017 Ford Escape Sport Package?Exterior Features for the Ford Escape Sport Package

Both the inside and outside of the new Ford Escape will be getting some upgrades when you equip it with the Sport Package, but let’s first start with what will be changing to its exterior. The standard wheels on the Ford Escape will be replaced with stylish and intimidating 19-in black-painted aluminum wheels. This is a running theme with the Sport Package, as the front fender grilles, roof rails, taillamps, and lamp surrounds following suit with a similar black styling. Visual upgrades isn’t the only thing that comes with the Sport Package, though. LED daytime running lamps are also included in the package.

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Interior Features with the Ford Escape Sport Package

So what can you all expect to be changed when you equip the 2017 Ford Escape with the Sport Package? Well, not as many things are changed on the inside as the outside, but what the package does add makes for a pretty significant upgrade. Sporty V-shaped partial leather-trimmed seats are added to the Ford Escape, maximizing both comfort and style. This is coupled nicely with a leather-wrapped steering wheel and gear shifter to keep its interior consistent.

When does the 2017 Ford Escape Release?

The 2017 Ford Escape will be releasing in Spring of 2016, so the wait isn’t for too long now! If you’re as excited about the new 2017 Escape, and the 2017 Ford Escape Sport Package, then you should contact us and let us know! We’ll set you up with a test drive as soon as it hits our lot.

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