What Ford SUV do they drive on The X-Files?

What Ford SUV do they drive on The X-Files?

Many are pleased that the hit TV show The X-Files is returning to the small screen, and we can count ourselves among them. One of our favorite things about seeing the X-Files return was spotting a familiar friend along with Scully and Mulder — one that you can find on our new car lot. Have you been asking what Ford SUV do they drive on the X-Files? We’ve got the answer!

Ford Explorer Platinum on The X-Files return

If you watch the return of The X-Files you might notice the agent Scully and Mulder will be joined by another familiar thing — a Ford SUV. Our favorite agents will be riding in a comfortable and premium Ford Explorer Platinum trim throughout the six-episode miniseries of The X-Files return. Even though the Explorer Platinum will be prominently featured, it won’t be the only Ford vehicle that will be making an appearance in The X-Files. A Ford Escape, Mustang and black Taurus will also be seen throughout the season of the X-Files.

What Ford SUV do they drive on The X-Files?

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What car does Mulder drive on The X-Files?

Agent Mulder is famous for his love of the Ford Taurus, back when the series originally aired — as he referred to it as a “good American car.” The two may be riding in an Explorer together, but the Ford Taurus is still available today. So whether you want the space of an SUV or the comfort and handling of the Taurus, you can find good American cars at our lot in Jacksonville NC. Feel free to swing by for a test drive of any of our new Ford vehicles on our lot!

We think that the Ford Explorer is a great choice for the two to travel in. Its available technology and premium feel fit well into what The X-Files is about, and we can’t wait to see how it looks when the second episode of The X-Files airs at 8pm Eastern Time tonight.

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