What Ford vehicles have Android Auto as an Option?

What Ford vehicles have Android Auto as an Option?

If you’re a fan of Ford and Android then you have likely eagerly been awaiting the day where it’s common to have Android Auto available in the majority of Ford’s lineup. If you’re wondering what Ford vehicles have Android Auto as an option in its 2017 lineup, you should take a look below at some new info that was just released by Ford!

2017 Ford vehicles that can use Android Auto

There are already a few 2017 Ford vehicles out right now that work with Android Auto, but what can we expect from the rest of the lineup? Ford recently announced that all 2017 Ford cars, light trucks, SUVs, and electric cars would work with both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. So if you were thinking about a 2017 Ford vehicle, but wanted to make sure it would work with your phone, you can now rest assured that it will!

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What do you need to use Android Auto in a Ford?

The thing that actually allows you to use Android Auto in a Ford vehicle is the Ford SYNC 3 system. The SYNC 3 infotainment system that is in the 2017 Ford vehicles offers the newest hardware and software, which makes it not only great to use on its own but connecting it to your Android device to use Android Auto is also a huge plus. It’s good to note that while SYNC 3 is also available in many 2016 Ford vehicles, they won’t be compatible with Android Auto — or at least not at first. Ford is working on an update that will allow Android Auto in select 2016 vehicles!

But what do you need as far as a phone goes to use Android Auto? You can use Android Auto on devices that are running Android 5.0 or higher. If you’re an Apple person and want to use CarPlay you will need an iPhone 5 or a newer model.

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Ford vehicles with Android Auto in Jacksonville NC

If you want to test drive Ford that works with Android Auto then just swing by Sanders Ford in Jacksonville NC. We’ll get you set up and give you a tour through the features that SYNC 3 and Android Auto can use!

New Ford Inventory in Jacksonville NC

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