What is a cool and affordable Ford Car

What is a cool and affordable Ford Car

While it’s not necessarily how everyone should be picking out a car, cool factor is definitely a thing. You don’t want to hate or be bored by whatever car you’re driving, and things like curb appeal can be nice as well. There are obvious choices like a Ford Mustang is cool, but what is a cool and affordable Ford car?

KBB Top 10 Cool Cars under $18,000

Narrowing down cars to be under $18,000 already eliminates a number of vehicles, but when you’re also ranking them based on a cool-factor, things can get pretty heated. We would list pretty every Ford vehicle as being cool, but it also helps when you look at an unbiased opinion. That’s why we’re very proud to say that Kelley Blue Book has recently put together a Top 10 Cool Car list — for vehicles under $18,000 — and the Ford Fiesta made the cut.

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KBB Top 10 Cool Cars under $18,000What makes the Ford Fiesta a cool car?

It’s nice to see the Ford Fiesta recognized, especially when it actually starts at $14,090 — almost $4,000 below the price threshold for the list! The 2016 Ford Fiesta is available as both a sedan and as a hatchback, which means whatever your style is you’ll be able to pick it. The regular Fiesta strikes a good balance between efficiency and power with its range of engines, though if we’re talking cool we think that the Fiesta ST takes the cake with its 1.6L EcoBoost and performance capabilities.

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Features in the 2016 Ford Fiesta

The 2016 Ford Fiesta is available with a number of interior features that make it a real joy to ride in, even as a passenger. It can be equipped with Ford’s SYNC 3 to use AppLink to control some of your mobile apps while driving, such as the music. Those with a seat material preference when it comes to cars will also have a wide range of options, including both cloth and leather, to choose from.

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