What is the GCWR in a 2016 Ford Super Duty?

What is the GCWR in a 2016 Ford Super Duty?

Knowing the limits and capabilities of a truck is incredibly important, especially when you’re looking at towing or loading it up with a massive amount of weight. There is no better truck out there for work tasks than the Ford Super Duty, but that doesn’t mean this info is any less important. So before you go out, you should always ask yourself things like what is the GCWR in a 2016 Ford Super Duty?

GCWR of the 2016 Ford Super Duty

The maximum GCWR available in a 2016 Ford Super Duty is 40,400 lbs — though it is only available in a F-450 4×4 DRW model. The majority of 2016 Ford Super Duty trucks will have a GCWR of 19,200 lbs to 22,200 lbs for SRW trucks. You can also get a F-350 DRW with a GCWR of 19,800 lbs or 22,800 lbs. The maximum GVWR on the F-Series Super Duty is 14,000 lbs. Some other good info to know? The max payload of a Super Duty — which can be found in the F-350 DRW 4×2 regular cab — is 7,050 lbs.

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What is the GCWR in a 2016 Ford Super Duty?What is GCWR and GVWR?

GCWR and GVWR stand for Gross Combination Weight Rating and Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. GVWR is the weight recommended by a manufacturer as the upper limit of your vehicle along with cargo and people. This means that the GVWR is the limit for how much your curb weight, cargo weight, and passenger weight can add up to. GCWR on the other hand is the limit of your truck’s GVWR and the GVWR of your trailer.

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How to figure out your GCWR in a Super Duty

Not sure what your GCWR in your Super Duty is? You can easily find out by looking in your owner’s manual. Have other questions about the 2016 Super Duty? You can look through our past blogs!

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