When should you buy a new vehicle?

2018 Ford F-150 next to text reading when is the best time to buy a vehicle?

Is there a best time to purchase a new vehicle?

If you’ve spent the majority of your time on the road in an old clunker, you know how exciting it is to begin looking for a new car. Shopping for a new car can be completely overwhelming, and sometimes even confusing. The majority of drivers, especially ones who have never bought a car, aren’t always sure of where to start. Like with any large purchase, you want to make sure you do your research on when it is the best time to buy a new car.  

For many people, the best time to buy a new car is when they’ve worn their previous model into the ground. However, if you wait too long to replace your old beater, you might be stuck with a quick purchase, which means that you won’t have time to shop around and compare models. It’s a good idea to start looking at what vehicle you would want before you need to have it.  

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What is the best time of year to buy a new vehicle? 

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In addition to needing time before you make a big leap from one vehicle to another, you should consider what the best time of year for car buying is. While there isn’t a bad time to buy a car, there are some benefits to purchasing different vehicles at different times of the year. If you want to ensure that your vehicle has all the features you want on the right trim in the right color, the end of summer and beginning of fall see a lot of new models showing up at dealerships. This is also a good time to take a look at vehicles from the last model year, which may have incentives attached to the purchase.  

No matter when you’re looking for your vehicle, you can stop by Sanders Ford to take a look at the inventory of new Ford models. While you can use timelines and charts to figure out when the best time to buy should be, the best way to determine if you’re ready to buy a new vehicle is to see it for yourself.

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