Ford Mustang Sales Skyrocket to #1 Globally

Ford Mustang the best selling sports carThe Ford Mustang is the epitome of fast and fun all wrapped up in a sporty package.
For 50 years the Mustang has held the title of the #1 selling sports car in the US. Thanks to an increase in recent global sales, Ford can now introduce the Mustang as the 2016 global best seller. This claim is based on the Ford teams study of IHS Markit new vehicle registration data. Where can you buy the Ford Mustang globally? Read below to find out.

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Where can you buy the Ford Mustang globally?

Once only available in the US, the Mustang rolled out internationally in 2015. Clearly, the international community approved. Now available in 140 countries all around the world, spanning all but one continent, the Mustang is taking over. The car saw some major improvements in sales in 2016 in China and Germany. It also rolled out in a few new locations including New Caledonia, Gibraltar, and Bonaire. The 2018 Mustang is slated to add additional markets as well including Brazil, the Palau islands, and the Ivory Coast. Experts expect that the growth of international sales for the best-selling sports car will only continue to improve.

2018 Ford Mustang Redesigned

Mustang enthusiasts get ready for some changes in 2018. Ford plans to improve the Mustang inside and out. Expected improvements include a 12-inch instrument panel, 10-speed automatic transmission, MagneRide damping system, and an all-new exhaust system. The exterior will be changing as well,with new design features in the front and rear of the vehicle to increase its athletic appearance. Find a compilation of pictures of the new design on our 2018 Ford Mustang design changes post. We are very excited about the changes happening with the Ford Mustang. Check out our new Ford Mustang inventory here, or contact our staff to schedule a test drive.

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