Will Ford make a Focus RS500 for North America?

Will Ford make a Focus RS500 for North America?

We are still eagerly awaiting the release of the all-new 2016 Ford Focus RS, but we can’t help but look ahead and wonder what other goodies Ford will be coming up with in the future. There is much speculation and rumors that currently point in the direction of an even more powerful Ford Focus hot hatch, but will Ford make a Focus RS500 for North America?

What is the Ford Focus RS500?

At the time, the 2010 Ford Focus RS500 was the most powerful Focus — though its availability was very limited at only 500 total units. We absolutely loved the look of the Focus RS 500, but still lament the fact that it wasn’t readily available to buy in North America.

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Will Ford make a new Focus RS500 for North America?

There hasn’t been any official word from Ford that an even hotter hatch could be releasing after the Ford Focus RS, but there has been a lot of speculation on the subject. The general consensus so far is that while it’s not guaranteed, it could be pretty likely. Ultimately, it seems the fate of a new Ford Focus RS500 depends on how well the new Ford Focus RS does with consumers — and we’re pretty confident in the RS wowing people when it releases.

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2016 Ford Focus RS Specs

The general thinking is that the RS500 would be heavily based on the current RS — though it’s very likely that some body modifications and weight reduction would play a key role in creating a separate identity between the two. So let’s look at what kind of specs will be available on the 2016 Ford Focus RS. Powering the Focus RS is a 2.3L EcoBoost engine that puts out an astounding 350 horsepower and 350 lb-ft of torque. This will let you shoot from zero to 60 in under 4.7 seconds. Its superior handling capabilities make every twist and turn in the road just another moment to enjoy in the Focus RS.

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