Will the Ford Fiesta ST200 come to the US?

Will the Ford Fiesta ST200 come to the US?

We’re fans of the hot hatch as much as anyone, but sometimes it can be disappointing to see more of them show up in the UK rather than making an appearance here in North America. We’re lucky to have great hot hatches — like the Focus ST and Fiesta ST — but it was sad to not have the Focus RS for a while. Thankfully, that’s been fixed at the Focus RS will come to North America this year! Ford Recently released info on a Ford Fiesta ST200 at the Geneva Auto Show, but will the Ford Fiesta ST200 come to the US, or will it be stuck on the other side of the pond?

Ford Fiesta ST200 US Availability

Unfortunately, it seems like there are currently no plans to bring the new Fiesta ST200 over to North America at this time. We should probably count our blessing and appreciate the two ST cars, Fusion performance model, and the Ford Focus RS — but it’s tough to see something as cool as the Fiesta ST200, but not be able to show it off to people!

Will the Ford Fiesta ST200 come to the US?Specs for the Ford Fiesta ST200

The Ford Fiesta ST200 is featuring some pretty sweet specs, pushing it past even what is offered on the current Fiesta ST. The ST200 will offer the same 197 horsepower that our US version of the ST has, but offers 20 percent more torque at 214 lb-ft. The European ST200 model also comes with an overboost mode, which can increase these numbers to 212 horsepower and 236 lb-ft of torque for short bursts. Ultimately the difference only adds up to a 0.2 second different in a 0-62 mph time: with the ST200 coming in at an impressive 6.7 seconds.

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